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provided by The Hope Collection (THC)

The Hope Collection's mission:

Help Others, by Helping Them, Help Others!


If you are interested in moving forward and helping others along the way,
you qualify for the extensive Benefits available!

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Our member benefit site is designed to help you Optimize Your Life!  There is no cost for you to Register.  Upgrades may be available in the future. When you “Register” you will have an information portal with many valued resources. Each is designed to enhance your life in some way, thus the name, “Optimize My Life!”

Because of our mission, we want to help you give at the same time we are helping you!  The net objective of this "Paying It Forward" work is to promote a "Cycle of Appreciation" rather than one of depreciation.  When you give away what you got, you get more than what you gave!

Regardless of what we read or hear, there is more good going on in the world today than ever in history.  THC's aim is to help compound this trend with sustainable social and economic initiatives!  Enjoy!

Enjoy!  Discounts, Swaps, Income and Services!  Supporting Those Who Serve Us!

(The following is a brief summary of some of these benefits.  Many of these benefits are provided by independent contractors.  The Hope Collection appreciates their efforts but does not guarantee their services.  Please click here to register in at www.OptimizeMyLife.com for a more complete listing.  You will also be receiving a needs analysis to complete and return and will be assigned a personal advocate to help assist you in maximizing the value of the ICCC Network in yours and others lives).

H. - Hang on to Your Dreams!
O. - Open your eyes, you can do it!
P. - Pay it Forward to others, 24/7!
E. - Enjoy the journey!

THC is a 501c3, non-profit, created by a family wanting to honor their heritage! They are focused on stabilizing the Family Unit! Challenged by the war effort, natural disasters, job losses, educational & moral decline, families are hurting!

Hope has a special campaign for Veterans, 1st Responders and their extended families to honor their commitment but we are open to all in need! Each will be asked to pay HOPE forward to others as well! This servant leader movement leads to communities with families making a positive difference day after day!

"The ultimate, FREE Hope Membership Rewards Card, Personal Portal & Concierge turns costs into cash, equity and donations includes:

A Job & Small Biz campaign for Vets, 1st Responders & their extended Families!

Hope's 21st Century cost effective Homes!

Identity theft protection!

A Home Mall coupon program!

Get Paid to Vacation!

Lifelong learning programs!

Coaching & Leadership Training

Financial tools for every need or desire!

Brilliant savings on Global Health & Wellness!

Organic "Victory" Gardens with marketing options!

Performing & Fine Arts opportunities!

Rewards that Rock at www.OptimizeMyLife.com!

"All excuses left behind!"

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