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The Current Plan:

The housing and commercial sectors will integrate the following onsite lifestyle options:

  • Total accessibility, energy-saving, secure units
  • Numerous cost saving and family security financing options
  • Physical Training, Health and Wellness Initiatives
  • Lifelong Continuing Education Programs
  • Job and Small Business Retraining for Career Transitions
  • Science, Arts and Entertainment Options
  • E-Pantry, In Home Shopping, Just In Time, Free Shipping Options
  • Culinary, Nutritional, Organic Food, Clean Air and Water Programs
  • Life Coaching, Leadership Development, Family & Personal Values Services
  • IT, Communications, Security, Financial Support

The project will include residential, recreational, medical, hospitality and educational elements focused on providing residents high quality programs and services.

Residential:  Single family, multi-family, assisted living and full care facilities will be developed to provide comfortable transitions as needed for residents at rates that will assure access. Blocks of units will provide a sense of community and allow for intergenerational relationships.

Energy Efficiency: By utilizing high performance insulation technologies, our homes set a new standard in the residential market place providing a home that keeps comfort in and the elements out.

Operating Costs: With our homes being super energy efficient, home owners can have peace of mind that their utility bills will be low and possibly pay them back with our different types of energy products.

Quality Products: Builder grade? Not in our homes.  We have chosen great quality products that will give the home owner many years of performance and longevity.

Health: Most important is the health of the home owner.  Our homes are healthier homes by using materials that do not contain harmful chemicals, ductless climate control, and purified drinking water.

Recreational:  Part of any intelligently designed facility is its recreational facilities, especially with today’s health sensitive, fitness and quality of life citizenry.

Medical:  24/7 transportation to clinics and treatment facilities are necessary simply because people get sick and they get hurt.  Additionally, chronic conditions that require out-patient care can be provided on a point-of-service basis.

Hospitality:  Because of the interactive nature of this community and its intergenerational basis, a hospitality component is required.  An isolated community is not as healthy as one that is connected to others.  People will naturally come and go as they visit, engage in programs, receive care or support those receiving care.

For many that have worked their entire lives, the thought of not having a job or business is a foreign concept.  Some are already trained in teaching, social support services and business disciplines and are just looking for someone to “Mentor.”

Educational:  The active, energetic, community is looking at second and third career options, academic enhancement and an opportunity to pass on what they have learned.  Educational programs will stimulate creativity, enthusiasm and create a purpose for many; and, in turn, will provide a unique therapy for those involved, the therapy of being valued.